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Promega Corporation Company & IBC LTD commercial relations

March, 2nd 2018 the first official meeting between Promega and Inter Business Co. Ltd took place in Rwanda House Brussels, BELGIUM hosted by Faustin MUSARE (First counsellor Embassy of Rwanda ; Brussels).

The purpose of the meeting was to determine next steps in the collaboration and introduce relevant people to each other, most notably Han Willems as General Manager over Promega Benelux will govern the relationship with Rwanda.
This lead to the topic of how to implement Promega products in Rwanda and in order to avoid administrative burden on ARES project to implement MSc.

Biotechnology program in University of Rwanda, and how we should proceed with the Distribution agreement between Promega BNL and International Business Company represented by Alfred KARUMEYI Director Manager. IBC Company started in 2008. Their main customer bases are science laboratories, medical and agricultural research facilities ; IBC Ltd Director Manager indicated that where company is based there is a free zone status which allows them to freely ship to other Central Africa countries. He has established logistics in place with deliveries from Europe, France, Germany and UK.

For capacity building we concluded that such training can be provided at the Eurohub and Training facilities in Mannheim. A visit of a technician and a logistics person is advised so that also logistics of direct shipments is well understood between the parties.

May 15th, 2018 Promega Corporation and Inter Business Company Ltd signed agreement valid through May 15th, 2020. Notify that Inter Business Company Ltd is exclusive distributor for all molecular and cell biology reagents and equipment used in life science, genetic identity, clinical and industrial research in Rwanda.

June 4th, 2018 official launch of Promega in Rwanda held at Galaxy hotel ; Kigali with the presence of Hon. Minister of Health Dr Diane GASHUMBA, ministry of education represented by Dr Christine GASINGIZWA, Dr Carlos Rossini Sales Manager Promega Benelux, delegation from ARES Project, public and private research institutes.